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Find a good book to read next.

Share recommendations and books lists with fellow bibliophiles at Goodreads.


Read Barry's words about words at Wood On Words.

Read Estelle's words about books at 3000 Books.

Read Poodlerat's words about books at unobservant birds.

Read the Stanford UP words about books at Stanford Press blog.

Learn about JuLiA and online community moderation at Adaptive Semantics.

Web Design

Build a website with the comprehensive reference library of Sitepoint.

Find cheatsheets and quick reference guides from Six Revisions.


Jakob Nielsen is the expert on Writing for the Web.

Go to the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University for help with any type of writing.

Gaming and other fun stuff

Chose your destiny, good or evil, with Fable, The Lost Chapters, an RPG.

I play as Khandor, Shera Khan, and Karron, on Dragon Tavern, an online RPG.

I adopted my most recent doberman from the Illinois Doberman Rescue.

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